Drone Videography and Photography For


Looking for capture some of the magic at your next sports event? Our professional drone videography and photography service for sporting events is on hand and ready to help!

Kaptured uses this technology to bring the best service for any sporting event. As safety at an event is our priority we will conduct all the needed risk checks to fly safely and deliver aerial photographs and/or video to the client.

Our aerial video will be shot in 1080 as standard or 4k on request and can have the event organisers/sponsers details included throughout or at the end.

Sporting events are a great place to capture action and most of this can be seen from an aerial point of view. With a drone in the sky following the event you can be sure that this unique point of view will create some spectacular moments.

A specialist drone can follow the event across most terrains and even over water and are a fraction of the cost compared to other aerial services and very easy to arrange.

Safety is priority and we maintain the highest levels without compromise. We are governed by the CAA and fully insured to give peace of mind to the client.