Drone Videography and Photography For


Looking for something to give your estate agency the edge? Our professional drone videography and photography service will get your property listing noticed.

Kaptured likes to use this technology to bring the best service for Real Estate. We will conduct all the needed risk checks to fly safely at the property and deliver aerial photographs and/or video to enhance the online listing.

Our aerial video will be in 1080 as standard or 4k on request and can have the agents logo and contact details included at the end.



Almost every house purchase starts with an online search. There are many sites which list multiple agents properties and marketing real estate can be a very competitive place making it hard to stand out from the crowd.

The latest marketing tool is a drone aerial photography and video. Specialist drones, also called UAV’s, allow unique views from the sky. Dramatic sweeping shots, exterior fly bys and views that encompass the surrounding landscapes can really differentiate the online listing.

When compared to other aerial photography such as from a helicopter or light aircraft, UAV’s are a fraction of the cost and very easy to arrange.

Things that look better, sell better


Kaptured provides services in Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Kent. Places further afield will be considered.



Kapture the action from above at live events or promote your venue with an aerial view.



Add to that special day with incredible aerial shots of family, friends and the surrounding areas.



Take a close look at building damage, chimneys, vents, roofs, guttering and spires. Inspect elevated machinery and other areas hard to reach.


Find some commonly asked questions

What is the price?

Our pricing will take into account the clients requirements, whether it be photos or promotional video as well as risk factors and airspace restrictions. Please contact us with your requirements and a post code of where the images will be taken and we will be able to give you a quote.

Is it Safe?

We aim to maintain the highest level of safety when flying our UAV’s. Prior to each assignment we will conduct a full pre-flight risk assessment which takes into account local geography, airspace restrictions and weather forecast. If we feel the weather conditions are not right to fly we will postpone until we feel it is safe to do so.


Our DJI machines have enhanced failsafe systems should the very rare loss of communication happen, the UAV will return to its original take off point and land, avoiding obstacles along the way.

Are you Insured?

Kaptured UAV’s and pilot are insured for up to £2m public liability insurance. A copy of this and Kaptured’s Operations Manual will be given to the client prior to any flight.

What does a typical day / shoot consist of?

As soon as we arrive we would conduct our on-site safety checks and flight readiness. Once these are complete we will work with you to create a comprehensive fight plan to capture the best possible shots. You can monitor all recording real-time alongside the pilot.

How high can you fly?

Regulations state that we can only operate our UAV’s up to 400ft (120m). Our UAV’s are programmed to not go higher than this.

Can you fly in bad weather?

The UAV has a gimballed camera and precision hovering making very stable shots and video in up to 22mph winds but cannot operate in rain, snow or freezing conditions for safety reasons.

What is the maximum operating distance for the UAV?

The pilot has to keep a visual line of sight at all times and be within a 500m range

How long can the UAV be in the air?

Each battery can last 20-25 mins. We have spare batteries for each assignment and changing a battery takes approx. 2 mins.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes, if the area is large enough.

Can you see what you are recording?

Yes, there is a wireless transmission from the UAV.