Drone Videography and Photography For

Property Development

Aimed at property development companies that want to showcase the project from its original state, development work in progress and the finished building.

Kaptured uses the latest drone technology to provide the best service possible. A CAA qualified drone pilot will conduct all the needed risk checks to fly safely at the site and deliver aerial photographs and/or video.

Kaptured provides fully edited video in 1080 as standard or 4k on request and can have company logo and contact details included.

With Kaptured Aerial Photography and Video you can market your building development services by showcasing the different stages of development.

Stand out from your competition by recording the transformation of the property from start to finish. Present how the property looked before the development started, show the work in progress and then finally the completed project.

Marketing the life cycle of the project from an aerial perspective can add value to your sales and give a view of your portfolio that cannot be achieved from the ground.

Showcase the life cycle of a project