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Property Development

I had a great opportunity to spend some time in Cornwall for 2 projects. One for a property development and the other a promotion for a rental property. I’ve never been to Cornwall before and the contrast of pace of life there is great. I met some very nice locals who were very supportive of the drone flying and all were interested in the view it could capture from above. Cornwall does make me look forward to retirement age when I don’t have to rely on my Essex location for work and I could move freely to one of the most scenic places in the UK.

Here is a video showing the development stage of one of the properties there. It was very windy and there were a ton of angry seagulls around. The Foreman of the site built me a great take off platform up on the scaffolding, look closely you can see it to the left in some of the shots.


Been busy

The past few weeks have seen a huge uptick in demand for Aerial photos and video. I’ve traveled quite a bit to shoot golf courses, marina’s, churches and a few projects for some building development companies. Interestingly a lot of my work recently has been over water with some more planned in Cornwall over the next few weeks. The fear of flying a UAV over the water has definitely gone now.

If you are ever looking to live on a Marina take a look at Residential Marine in Kent.

Port Werburgh

A stunning property

I had the privilege to shoot an amazing property a few weeks back. The grounds were jaw dropping and made for the perfect aerial video to compliment the agents interior images. Enjoy!

HoneyPot Lakes

Here is a video I created for Honeypot lakes, a fishing lake in my local area. The weather was very dull but its good to see what a little light editing can do to brighten up the footage. Enjoy!

Waiting on the weather…

The great British weather has been keeping me grounded for the past few weeks. I managed to find a small bit of sunshine around Buttsbury Church last week and took some nice aerial photos but the gusts of wind were getting too lively for me to be up long. I have some great project lined up for when the weather gets better. Roll on Spring !

Broxhead Enduro

Had some fun recording an enduro bike event near Guildford, Surrey. Thanks to DirtWise UK for giving me the opportunity. Here is a shortened version of what I captured with the drone.

Brock Hill

A charming 4 bed property that I was asked to record in between Downham and Wickford. I was due to go on holiday the next day and had promised to record, edit and deliver the footage by the end of the day so Parabar Estates could use the material over the weekend (and the week after as I was away).

The weather wasnt so agreeable. It was very windy, almost to the point of not being able to fly. The Phantom 4 holds steady in up to 22mph and the gusts were close to this. With rain on and off I found my moments to get the P4 in the air and get the best footage possible. Some editing back at home in the afternoon produced a great video. I hope this sells on the back of this as its a great property.